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A few big steps

Normalised earnings
purple block  1987 RMH Group constituted R44 million
purple block  1993 Momentum acquired  
RMH listed  
Discovery Health formed exceed R100 million
purple block  1995 Global Resorts formed  
purple block  1997   exceed R250 million
purple block  1998 FirstRand formed  
FNB/Southern acquired  
OUTsurance formed  
purple block  1999   exceed R500 million
purple block  2001 Remgro acquires interest in RMH exceed R 1 billion
purple block  2004 Global Resorts sold exceed R 2 billion
purple block  2006 R1,2 billion returned to shareholders  
purple block  2007   R4 billion
purple block  2008 Direct stake in Discovery  
purple block  2010

FirstRand’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Momentum, merged with Metropolitan to form South Africa’s third largest assurer, MMI Holdings

purple block  2011 RMI Holdings unbundling and RMI Holdings listing